Oral Surgery in Edison, NJ

For our patients who need oral surgery, Prosthodontic Associates of New Jersey is your trusted destination for a wide range of dental procedures, all performed under one roof. Led by Dr. Yatin Khanna, our team is here to ensure your surgical experience is comfortable and promotes the healthiest outcomes. 

Optimal Comfort with Sedation Dentistry

patient smiling after his oral surgery procedure at Prosthodontic Associates of New JerseyOur dentist office in Edison, NJ offers an comprehensive selection of oral surgeries, all =designed with your comfort in mind.

To provide a stress-free experience, we utilize safe and advanced sedation dentistry services. This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals with dental anxiety, special healthcare needs, or those undergoing lengthy procedures. During your surgical consultation, Dr. Khanna will carefully assess your medical history to determine the most appropriate and effective sedation level for your needs.

Our oral surgeries include: 

Dental Implants

If you're missing one or more teeth, our team offers expertise in permanent tooth restoration using dental implants. Dental implants offer remarkable long-lasting tooth replacement results using titanium posts securely implanted into the jawbone, allowing for the attachment of luminous crowns. With dental implants, you can enjoy a natural-looking smile without any dietary restrictions. Prosthodontic Associates of New Jersey offers a range of dental implants, including single dental implants, All-on-4 dental implants, hybrid dental implants, and implant-retained dentures.

Bone Grafting

Periodontal disease can severely impact the jawbone, compromising its ability to support dental implants. Dr. Khanna may recommend bone grafting, also known as natural bone regeneration. This specialized treatment promotes bone growth in the jaw, enabling it to regain strength and support dental implants.

Sinus Lift Surgery

For patients with inadequate bone height or sinus-related concerns that may impede dental implant placement, sinus lift surgery, also known as maxillary sinus elevation, offers a solution. This procedure involves lifting the sinus floor and using a bone graft to increase implant stability. Dr. Khanna skillfully performs sinus lift surgery to provide a secure foundation for dental implants, ensuring optimal outcomes for our patients.

Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Tooth Removal

x-ray showing an impacted wisdom toothAt Prosthodontic Associates, we provide tooth extractions to address various dental concerns. Whether an emergency extraction following trauma or injury or a preventive extraction such as wisdom teeth removal, Dr. Khanna's expertise ensures a comfortable procedure.

We perform thorough dental exams and utilize digital x-rays to assess the extent of damage, determining the most appropriate course of action. Wisdom tooth removal may be essential to prevent pain, orthodontic issues, and the potential for infections that can arise from impacted wisdom teeth.

Oral Surgery You Can Trust

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